Sad to be Single

It is not sad to be single, it’s awesome to be single—

I was at an event and I was talking to someone. The discussion turned to dating, marriage, and relationships and the person I was talking to said “that it is sad to be single and it is sad singles are not marrying today.” Contrary to popular opinion and what society says about it being sad to be single, there is nothing wrong with being single and being single is a happy time of life.

It Is Not Sad To Be Single

Sad to be Single

Society and people commonly stigmatize being single because it is believed that a happy life requires a significant other or getting married. Contrary to what is thought, there is nothing sad about being single. In fact, it offers the most independence and ability to continually grow as a person compared to marriage. Marriage kills your social life, it confines you to only friends who are coupled who have children, and they treat their single friends differently. While there are relationship oriented singles, there are many reasons to enjoy being single and to recognize that marriage is not all that society says it is.

It is important to learn to be happy while you are single, whether by circumstance or choice.It is not sad to be single. It is time to thrive. It is important to change how people think about singles and to change the narrative about the single life being a sad life to an amazing time of life.

The next time someone comments to you that being single is a sad life, here are some responses you can give them.

  • There is nothing sad about being single. I am happy being single.
  • Science has found that singles are healthier and weigh less than couples. I’ll enjoy being single for my health.
  • I enjoy my time alone and my time being single, spouses in couples can be lonely too. I feel sad for them.
  • Why do I need to date or get married? I want to make the most of my time being single!
  • Singles are on the rise and marriage is on the decline. What do you think of that?

The next time that you are at a social event and someone single shames you because of your single status, use one of those five remarks or come up with your own.

Sad to be Single

There are many different types of singles and reasons why people are single. Regardless of the circumstance for why you are single, know that it is not a sad state of life. There are many reasons to be happily single. Make the most of your time being single and choose to thrive as a single person and tell your friend, family, colleague, or acquaintance that being single is a time to make the most of life. It is not a sad time of life. Being single is a time of happiness and a time of opportunity to be you!


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