Single and ready to mingle is the phrase that society associates the most with singles. While some singles may be looking to mingle to make new friends or to find a date, there are other singles who are single and unavailable. These singles are not interested in romantic relationships and instead enjoy all that the single life offers. These singles who are unavailable and off the market are single by choice.

Society and the dating industrial complex believe that the goal of all singles is to date and to get hitched. While that may be the case for some singles, it is not true for those who are single by choice. These singles have decided that they do not want to get date or to get married. Society may think that these singles are outcasts, but these singles enjoy the autonomy and independence that the single life offers them. The consequence that society has charged those who are single by choice is that they will be treated by laws and finding jobs compared to those who are married.

The government has determined that singles do not positively contribute towards the common good of society compared to their married counterparts so they should be treated differently because they are single. There are more than 1,000 laws that provide tax deductions, benefits, and discounts on health insurance for married couples. The government makes singles pay more in taxes compared to those who are married because they are able to file jointly. For those who are single by choice, these thousands of laws and tax policies hurt them financially and is an injustice for a life decision. Singles should not have to pay more in taxes because they are unmarried and should not be treated differently by the law because of their single status.

Those who are single and unavailable should not be fined or treated differently because they are single by choice. Singles who are single by choice are about 15% of the American population. Their choice to not want to date and to get married should be respected by their friends and family. Society and the government, likewise, should acknowledge their decision and not treat them differently or attach stereotypes because they are single.

These singles are single, unavailable, and off the market by choice. They realize that the single life is a great life that allows them to pursue their career or dreams and live a healthy life. It is time that society recognizes that just because someone is single doesn’t mean that they are looking to mingle and on the market; in fact, some singles will always remain unavailable and remain of the dating market.

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