Single in College

College is a time to enjoy being single rather than continually dating and becoming a serial dater—

College, at any level, is thought of as a time to date and to have fun while studying for your classes. There are many benefits to being single in college that are lost once you start to date.

6 Ways to Enjoy Being Single in College

Single in College


Being single in college allows you to explore the city where your college or university is located. You can explore the restaurants, festivals, and cultures that contribute to your university’s city. You can explore on your own or with friends.


It is a time to experiment and an opportunity to try new things. Being single in college lets you experiment from sex, getting out of your comfort zone, and trying new things. Take a risk and experiment.


College is a time to develop self-awareness. Being single in college allows you to focus on yourself and to create your own moral compass to determine what your standards and values are in life. College is a time where standards and values are often formed that will influence you for the rest of your life.

Social Development

It is important to be social in college. Take time to meet new people to make new friends and acquaintances. Being single in college give you the ability to find friends and social groups that you can regularly hang out with, dependent on schoolwork, while letting you visit other people who you may not hang out with too.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a process that uses logic to evaluate truth and falsehood in claims, statements, and arguments. Logic is an important skill to develop because you will be able to critically view arguments using inductive and deductive reasoning while determining if it is a strong or a weak argument. You will also be able to know if someone is using a logical fallacy. If your college does not offer a logic class or an introduction to philosophy class, then Socratic Logic is an excellent book to learn logical thinking.


Friendship is important. It is undervalued and overshadowed by romance, dating, and marriage by people and society. Being single in college lets you meet new people to develop friendships. It is up to you to find friends who share your interests, values, and life goals. After you graduate from college, it is also up to you to stay in touch with college friends.


College is often thought as a time to focus on classes while finding someone to date and to marry. It is best to be single in college because you have the ability to learn more about who you are and to do well in school instead of being distracted by a romantic relationship.


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  • Don

    I dated some in college but did not go steady. I found that others were not as understanding to my education. Many just didn’t comprehend that with, for example, an embryology test on Monday or something due in calculus-based physics, there was no way a serious college student really trying to succeed and make something of himself had the time to tend to other’s wants and emotions. If you’re like most of us serious students, college was hard and time was often the limited factor. Having to spend time with her and coddle her emotions, even on weekends, consumed precious time; time that could be spent on studying and doing one’s best. It’s easy to tell who are the real catches; if they are too shortsighted and/or selfishly oblivious to a good student’s understandable priorities, then let that show up like a frog in jello. RUN!

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