Society and popular culture places couples on a pedestal, despite Millennials delaying marriage or deciding to remain single. Because singlehood is on the rise, the societal perception of single people must change. Single is sexy for individuals who are currently single and for individuals who have decided to remain single because being single gives freedom, mobility, and autonomy to people. Freedom is hot for singles because each individual has their own prerogative to choose how to live.

Society, popular culture, and individuals primarily associate the word sexy as meaning that something or someone is sexually attractive, sexually exciting, or a cause of sexual arousal. However, sexy also means that something is exciting or appealing. Freedom is sexy. Freedom provides singles to act and do as they please because they are not constrained by the matters that couples must discuss together.

With being single comes the ability to ability to go where one wants, for singles this is both a strength and a weakness. Freedom is a strength because singles may freely do whatever they want at any time. Singles can visit new places, go to happy hours, and find events that are of particular interest to each individual single. Singles have generally have a more open schedule than couples, but this free schedule can be a potential problem for singles.

Freedom can be a weakness for singles because singles may focus on doing what they want to do rather than what they may need to do. To fight against freedom as a weakness, singles should consider making a list of priorities and following a calendar, loosely or closely depending on the single, to better stay on top of different tasks. These could range from places singles need to be, upcoming events, and meeting that need singles must attend. After establishing a timetable, the truly free time appears and then a single person can choose how one wants to spend that time while not having to worry that one may be forgetting something that must get done.


There are many strengths to living the single life, but the main three are the freedom, mobility, and autonomy that the single life offers to individuals. Being single is sexy because of the freedom that the single life offers. As Millennials continue to delay marriage and continue to remain single, the single life and the single lifestyle is on the rise despite mainstream society failing to recognize it.

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James Bollen is the Founder and President of Secure Single. He is an entrepreneur and a content creator with the goal of helping all different types of singles to learn to thrive as a single person.
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