On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me… You don’t have a true love and there are no soul mates, so screw that lyric to the song. There is nothing wrong or pathetic about being alone, solitude is actually healthy. You will also miss the awkward Christmas dinner conversations that you would have had, if you had gone home this year.  Here are twelve ways to enjoy spending Christmas alone this year.

How To Enjoy Christmas Alone


Do you have a sled or something that could work as a sled? Great! Find a hill and go sledding.


Reading a book is always a good idea. Consider reading a classic, picking up a popular novel, or diving into some philosophy.

Watch TV Or A Movie

It’s a holiday. Why not chill and watch your favorite TV show or a movie? It’s fine and there is no reason to feel sorry for yourself while doing it today.

Text A Friend And Catch Up

Text a few friends who you are close to or who you want to catch up with and wish them a Merry Christmas. Instead of spending Christmas alone, spend it with friends. It may lead to a short conversation and provide a chance to reconnect with friends who you have fallen out of touch with in your life.

Work Out

It is always good to be healthy, even on a holiday. Most gyms are open twenty-four hours now every day. Get your gym card and go work out.

Make Eggnog or a Christmas Cocktail

Follow a simple holiday eggnog recipe to enjoy a classic Christmas drink or make a Christmas cocktail on Christmas. Cheers!

Get Together With Friends

You may not be the only person in your social group who is alone on Christmas. Get together with your friends and play games, watch movies, and catch up. Have fun with your friends!

Find An Event In Your City

Yes, it is Christmas. However, depending on how big the city is that you live in and the demographic makeup of the city there may be some events going on. Find an event this Christmas.


Don’t be a Scrooge, instead be generous with your time on Christmas and volunteer this holiday.

Attend A Christmas Church Service

Christmas is a Christian holiday so there are many Christmas services and masses going on in your city. Be adventurous and explore a new faith this year or just go for the experience.

Christmas Brunch Or Dinner

There are restaurants that will be open on Christmas. These restaurants will have Christmas brunch, dinner, or both for those who prefer to go out instead of to cook and stay in on Christmas alone.

Prepare For Next Year

Prepare for the New Year by cleaning up your house or apartment and make a list of what you want to accomplish next year.



These are twelve things that singles can do on Christmas day, if you will not be travelling to see family or friends this year. It is great to be alone. So don’t be sad that you are alone on the holiday. You are probably not the only one alone today. Make the most of being alone on Christmas and enjoy it instead of being a Grinch today.


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