Why do you need to be aware of gynocentrism when it has become accepted as the prevailing view in modern society? It can help you better understand how current society functions and operates. This can help you to make better decisions and choices when dealing with others while navigating your way through modern society.

What Is Gynocentrism?


What is Gynocentrism? Gynocentrism (noun) is the “Dominant or exclusive focus on women in theory or practice; or to the advocacy of this. Sometimes practiced to the detriment of non-females.” Gynocentric (adjective) is “Anything can be considered gynocentric when it is concerned exclusively with a female (or specifically a feminist) point of view.” In sociology, Gynocentrism is “A pervasive cultural complex geared to prioritizing women and their interests.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines gynocentric (adjective) as “Centered on or concerned exclusively with women; taking a female (or specifically a feminist) point of view.”


“[Gynocentrism] is a worldview based on the implicit or explicit belief that the world revolves around women. It is, therefore, the counterpart of androcentrism, a worldview based on the implicit or explicit belief that the world revolves around men. Our point was that Gynocentrism has become de rigueur behind the scenes in law courts and government bureaucracies, which has resulted in systemic discrimination against men.” [p. 309] (Katherine K. Young and Paul Nathanson, Legalizing Misandry, 2006)


This worldview leads to gynocentric feminism. It creates a gynocentric social order.


In brief, gynocentrism is the belief that men must sacrifice themselves for women. Of course, that will look different for each man. Gynocentrism requires men to sacrifice their manhood, jobs, careers, and masculinity at the altar of the gynocentric social order. It is vital to understand Gynocentrism and what a gynocentric society is since single men find themselves now living in a society today that is built on the gynocentric worldview.


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5 Problems With Gynocentrism


Women Must Be Able To Do Everything Men Can Do


Gynocentrism pushes women to go into all areas of life, especially where men have often been prominent. It is now looked down upon for a woman to want to become a wife or want to stay home if she may get married. It is better to work their way up in a career than men. Women can do everything a man can do. They can do anything and everything better than men! This view makes women compare themselves to men. There can be no differences between men and women. Men and women cannot have unique strengths or weaknesses in modern society. Men and women cannot have different roles in society. Women must be equal to men in every way.


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Changes The Values Of A Society


The values of a society change from emphasizing what have been more male virtues of courage, strength, risk, and honor to feminine values of cooperation and tolerance. A society based upon cooperation and tolerance places equality above all else. A society that only continues to make everyone equal will eventually become a poor society. Each person is innately different, coming from a unique background and offering different sets of skills. Yet, gynocentrism wants to make everyone equal, which means that some people can’t have a nicer house, work a better-paying job, or live what is perceived as a better job. Everyone must be equal, which means they must be equally poor.


Women place a priority on safety over taking risks. There is nothing wrong with that, but risk leads to innovation. Suppose a culture is a risk-averse culture. In that case, it will remain stagnant and fall behind other countries that do not have problems with risk. Those countries recognize that is how the next discovery or invention is made.


Instead of tension between the natural masculine and feminine natures within society, modern society pressures people to embrace feminism and everything that goes along with it. If someone does not embrace feminism or disagrees with aspects of it, they are automatically labeled as a misogynist or said they are an enemy of progress. This further breaks down society because people can no longer have disagreements or different views on  issues. If someone disagrees about something, they are automatically attacked rather than being able to have a rational discussion on or about a topic. That is what we see today with identity politics.


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Changes The Structure Of Society


Women wanted to do everything that men were required to do. In the past, men were required to provide for their families. Now, women can do that themselves. Women can now do that by going to college as men can. Women now outnumber men in college admissions. The majors that colleges now emphasize are usually what has been associated with being of interest to women. The degrees women get from colleges are most often in soft majors, not hard majors like STEM studies, compared to men. The majors that women most often choose are the ones that have a lower earning potential. Men are now losing interest in college and were estimated to “represent only 41 percent of college enrollees” by 2020.


Creates An Emotional Society


A society that is built around gynocentrism will become an emotional society. This is because women are more emotional than men. Two main reasons are biologically related to hormones, and women’s brains differ from men’s. Men use the left side of their brains more, while women have a stronger corpus callosum than men.


If a society becomes built around women and emphasizes all things woman, it will become a more emotional society. It will place empathy, compassion, and feelings over becoming the best at something. This has implications related to areas such as military and national defense. Society will then normalize that people can be whatever they want to identify with because that is how they feel. Biology does not matter. Emotions control society and all areas of life.


Creates A Victim Mentality Within Society


As emotion and equality reign supreme over logic and hard work, people in society begin to adopt a victim mentality. Instead of thinking that they must work for what they want or have, they start to believe that it is unfair that they don’t have what others have. They then want to find ways to deal with this natural inequality by asking the government to tax successful people and redistribute their money and give it to them.


A victim mentality makes someone remain stuck. It does not allow people to grow and develop into a better version of themselves. They will blame others or things for where they are in life instead of accepting personal responsibility for their actions and choices.



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Gynocentrism is the predominant worldview of modern society. If a man, or even a woman, says anything negative about feminism or that there are differences between men and women, they will likely get canceled. Modern society has become emotional. This can be traced back to gynocentrism which encompasses every aspect and area of modern society today.

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