An important life skill is being a host and this is a basic guide for how singles can host a party.

The holidays are quickly arriving. That means casual to holiday themed parties during the holiday season. It is an important life skill to know how to host people and to host a party. This is a basic guide for how singles can host a party in preparation for the holiday season. Here is a basic guide for how singles can host a party!

Basic Guide For How Singles Can Host A Party

Request RSVP’s

Create a Facebook event or send out letters requesting your guests to RSVP. This will help you to know the number of guests to plan for your party. Once you have a final number, it will allow you to better shop and to prepare for the party you will be hosting.

Party Preparation

Depending on the size of the party you are hosting and the food and drinks that will be served, a small to a large party can require anywhere between two days to a week to prepare for as a host. Party preparation requires cleaning your house, preparing or ordering food, and keeping track of how many guests are coming to have the right serving portions for your guests.

Do Not Rush Guests

A good host makes their guests feel welcome and comfortable at their party, even when it is getting late. A host’s responsibility is to make guests feel welcome and have a great time at the party. A host should never rush people who have come to a party to leave because they are the host’s guests. Guests and parties should end naturally rather than a host forcing guests out when the party reaches the scheduled end time for the event.

Set The Party Mood

Set the party mood with the right music, lighting, and party theme. Picking and playing music that goes with the party helps to add background noise to energize guests and to have something in the background for those times there are awkward silences. Lighting is important too since it sets the mood for the party for if it is a casual or a formal party. Lighting options include standard lighting, party lights, and candles for more formal party events. If it is a themed party, let your guests know before the party so they can arrive in costume and get any party decorations that you may need for your party theme.

Engage Your Party Guests

Welcome your party guests as they arrive to the party and make sure they are comfortable in your home. Offer your guests a drink from what you have available and let your guests know when any food will be ready, if you are preparing food for the party. A good host also engages guests with conversation and small talk. Here are some simple conversation talking points that a host can ask guests at the party:

  • Do you have any plans for this holiday season or this time of year (spring, summer, fall, winter)?
  • How is your family doing?
  • How are things going with your significant other (if they are dating someone)?
  • How are things going at work?
  • Do you have any travel plans for the holidays?


It is possible for singles to host a party. This is a basic guide for how singles can host a party during the holiday season for their friends and learn valuable hosting skills. Prepare for your guests and remember to have fun at your party with your guests.

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