Who enjoys being single more? Men or women? According to a study in the United Kingdom, single women enjoy their single status more than single men.

Do Single Women Prefer To Be Single Compared To Single Men?

What the study found

According to a study from the UK research firm Mintel. 61% of single women in the UK reported feeling content and being single compared to 49% of single men who felt the same about being single. Interestingly, 75% of single women decided not to actively pursue a relationship in the past year than 65% of single men. 


According to Mintel’s Jack Duckett, because single women are “typically better at creating support groups with whom they can discuss their thoughts and feelings, putting less pressure on the need for a relationship.” Men often have a more difficult time creating support groups and being able to discuss their feeling. Duckett explains further, “[With] many men still largely finding it difficult to be open about their thoughts and feelings, the absence of a partner could mean that they have no one they can talk with about issues affecting them.” For this reason, single men struggle more to enjoy their single status. Gender roles in relationships have also changed over the past 50 to 70 years. In the past, women were dependent on men to be the breadwinners and responsible for the household. Today, women can be successful on their own and make their own decisions. They do not need a husband or a spouse to succeed today since they can be successful independently. They can make their life how they want. Single women no longer feel like they are inferior or missing out on things in life. They can now focus on their job, career and do what they want to do without having a husband. 


Both single men and single women encounter similar challenges in life. These shared challenges include eating healthy, paying rent, paying the mortgage, paying utility bills, and ensuring that the household chores got done. The study found that single men and women had lower confidence when it came to social activities than those who lived with a partner, were married, or were in a civil partnership. Singles can develop self-confidence and improve their social skills if they feel uncomfortable in social situations. Being single allows you to build self-awareness, learn to be independent, and develop life skills to clean, cook, or work on finding a side hustle. The freedom of the single life gives you the ability to run your own life how you want.




Single women may enjoy their single status more than single men, but this is just one study. Singles are a rising demographic as people are staying single longer today. No matter why you may be single, being single is a time to develop your life skills and to thrive as a single person.


Do you think that single women really do enjoy being single more compared to single men?


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