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This infographic unveils the best ways of how to cope with being single again after a divorce.

At Secure Single, we want to give you the support you need after your divorce. Divorce affects you mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. There’s no doubt that divorce will change your life.

We want to help you make the transition easier. There are some steps you can take I want to dive into that are in sync with the graphic below.

Here are a few steps you can use that will help you cope with being single again after a divorce.


Get a good attorney.

This is especially important if you have children or finances that are tangled up with your soon to be ex. If your split up is copacetic, you can have a mediator instead.

If you do however need an attorney, you can ask friends for good recommendations, search yelp and read reviews about different divorce attorneys.


Be honest with the attorney you choose.

Your attorney’s interests are in helping you get what you need out of your divorce. Keeping secrets from your attorney will only hurt you. They are on your side. Trust them.

Your attorney has heard it all. Even if you yelled at your ex at your kid’s soccer game, I’m sure that’s not the worst thing they’ve heard. Be honest.

Even if you’re having a mostly drama-free divorce, there’ll still be plenty of stress on your insides.

In some states, divorce gets drawn out even longer because of specific laws. You will more than likely have some stress. Finding a place to live, getting new furniture and losing your significant other is significant.

Do your best to set aside time for self-care. It will help you process and cope with being single again after a divorce. Taking time to exercise, eat healthily and relax will help give you the energy to deal with the road ahead.


Remember your friends.

Having friends, counselors, church community or even friends you play sports with is helpful. Spending time with other people will help give you something else to focus on besides the significant change you’re going through.


Spend time with your kids (if you have them).

It can be a tough time for little ones and teenagers. It ’s important to let them know that your divorce is not their fault. Don’t talk badly about your ex to your kids either (even if they did stupid things). They still love both of you.


Keep your boundaries clear with everyone.

Your parents, friends and your ex may try to sway you one way or the other on many different subjects. You might hear, “you just want a divorce because of your hormones,” or “It’s all in your head.”

If you feel unhealthy being with this person, and neither of you is no longer growing together positively— it’s time for you to move on. It’ll be hard, but when you come out from this you will be so much wiser!


coping during a divorce infographic

Lots of Love,

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