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In previous articles, I provided an overview of what technosexuality is and popular technosexual applications.  Software applications most often only act as the operational parts of tech sex devices, but often are not the part that brings about pleasure to the user. Hardware is the part of these devices that will help users’ reach orgasm. There is a range of sex tech hardware for singles to choose from 3D printed sleeves to an artificially intelligent vibrator. Sex technology is getting smarter and evolving fast and singles should progress too. Singles can use sex tech hardware to reach ecstasy and there are a number of toys to choose from, depending upon your personal preference.

3D printers are becoming popular in a number industries, but the sex tech industry has created one for men. Tenga Global’s Tenga 3D Series is a masturbation tube that comes in a number of different designs. These different design are not only aesthetic since after the sleeve is flipped inside out the design will stimulate the penis with a different sensation than the plain side. From a health view, the sleeves are made from an antibacterial plastic along with a drying and storage stand to keep the Tenga 3D series hygienic. Time to upgrade men.

For women, there is Eva by Dame Products. The company was started by two women who wanted to help women achieve the elusive female orgasm. Eva provides clitoral stimulation in an easy to use hands-free format that features flexible wings that are made to go under a woman’s labia. The mission of Dame Products is to “design well-engineered sex toys, to heighten intimacy, and to openly empower the sexual experiences of womankind.” Eva is a smart sex toy just like the two women that created it to make the world a happier place one vagina at time.

A smart vibrator option for women is the Siime Eye by Svakom. The sex tech toy gets its name because it features an internal wireless camera so you can film yourself for your partner and because it recognizes the subtle changes in your body’s private pleasure areas. However, it should be noted that since anything that is wireless or has software is able to be hacked, the company released a statement telling customers to make sure that they change the standard password to a strong password to secure their privacy. If you decide to purchase a smart sex tech toy, please protect your privacy and be an adult when it comes to cybersecurity with your toys.

Interested in a truly artificial piece of sex tech, then you may want to look at HUM that will be the first artificially intelligent vibrator. IndieGogo successfully reached its goal to work on bringing this intelligent vibrator to market with its crowdfunding goal of $50,000. The company’s artificially intelligent vibrator will be able to change its behavior based upon the movements of the user and the vibrator’s pressure will adjust according to the amount of pressure that the user places on HUM.

Sex tech is here to stay. Some singles will choose not to use it while others will use sex hardware to provide a sexual escape when someone is unable to get any. Sex tech is becoming smarter as artificial intelligence is added to what are now traditional sex toys. Those who are single and unmarried can use sex tech to get wet or hard by using hardware without having to worry about having a partner. Who knows, the hardware may actually be better than the real thing.

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