Other than being marginalized by society, singles have a lot going on. Singles tend to be more self-sufficient on multiple levels ranging from higher levels of happiness to fulfillment in health. One study in particular looks at how much time singles have when it comes to working out. With less obligation to household chores, children, and other responsibilities, singles have more time to improve their health. This includes heading to the gym to lift weights, go for a group run with friends, and work on meal prep centered around overall wellness.

What might be the cause?

When the civil rights movement began back in the 1960’s, more women entered the workforce thanks to the Affirmative Action Law. The percentage of women entering the workforce has continued to increase over time. With more independence today than ever before, women now have time to invest in themselves.

As a spin-off paired with the increasing percentage of single people in the United States, both men and women have fewer family obligations. With more ‘free time,’ singles are vamping up their health statuses.

Psychology Today reports that in 2000, an exercise survey was conducted from over 13,000 Americans that were between the ages 18 – 64. The study found that men work out more hours than women overall and that single people work out more than their married counterparts.

Time Spent Exercising

From the data above you can see that married people work out the least, while singles work out the most. The data set also includes divorced and separated singles, which also workout more than married couples.

So if you are single, don’t fret. Realize that you have more time on your hands to work out because you have fewer obligations than a married person does. You are also more self-sufficient in realizing your full potential and will tend to be happier than a married person. Being single isn’t a stigma. Being single is a great status. 

With slightly more time on your hands, work on improving yourself and building your social life. You can work this around your health, which is a positive indicator that you take care of yourself.

What are the best types of workouts for singles?

In an article from Friendships.com, group sports are the best when it comes to building relationships. When you have ties to a group, you feel more integrated and are more likely to stay in a situation. When you are single, vamping up your social life though team sports may be an excellent way to log in those workout hours while building great relationships.

When you have more time to dedicate towards working out, you can begin to improve your health and your relationships through a team sport.

Being single is positive. Always look for the benefits of each situation. You can always find room for improvement. Taking care of your health is important. Take time to workout, and realize that if you are single, you have more time to workout. Take advantage of the good things in your life, and build up your friendships in the process. Life can be a lot more exciting when we take a step in a positive direction

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Danielle has chosen to be single in her walk of life. She experienced dating in her late teens and early twenties, and had always felt each relationship was unfulfilling. To find more meaning in her life, she broke off to go down a path of self-discovery.
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