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Technology is a wonderful thing, but it can be improperly used just like anything else. It has brought us sex tech that singles can use if they choose for an alternative way to get sexual pleasure. It has also brought cybersecurity concerns and singles should secure their networks and devices as a new cyberattack seems to be in the news every week. In this day and age, also remember that people can read your text messages with the right software or technology experience.  It has also brought sexting, which can range from fun to extremely awkward to unwelcome. This has happened to me a few time.


Sexting is very common. I have experienced unsolicited sexting as has Danielle, another Secure Single contributing writer. Since we have both experienced it, you probably have too. Since the world, and unfortunately some people, is not going to change anytime soon and we all have to deal with the people who send these sexts in the modern world. Here are three ways that singles can respond to sexual advances that come from sexting as a single.

3 Ways Singles Can Handle Sexual Advances Via Sexting

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Avoid And Block Sexts

If you don’t recognize the number and you don’t know who the person is. This should be your immediate response. Your phone is more personal than social media. You should not feel bad at all for blocking them. To do this, simply lock into your phone carriers’ account and search for where to block a contact. After you have added the number to block, the person who was sending you sexts will no longer be able to contact you. A simple and easy solution.

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Flirt And Engage

If it is sent from someone who you are interested in and you are comfortable with sexting, then feel free to engage with them. However, don’t be afraid to let them know if they cross a line with a written sext or a picture that they send you. It is not fun if you are uncomfortable and vice-versa. Be considerate of the other person on the other side of your phone and acknowledge their limits when it comes to this form of sexual expression. After all, they are a person and human being too.

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Interact And Connect

After some flirtatious and possibly explicit sexts are sent back and forth, they may ask to connect in real life. If you know the person, are interested, and want to hook up with them after the invitation is sent in a message. Feel free to connect. Just be safe and make sure that both parties consent to sex. This could turn into an acquaintance or a friends with benefits relationships. It is up to you to interact and to connect with the person who sent the sext message to you and the direction that the relationship will go.

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Life is a crazy journey. It is not going to calm down anytime soon with the pervasiveness of technology and human nature. Smartphones and sexting are part of the world of relationships in the 21st Century and beyond. It is up to you how you want to interact with these types of messages. The questions is, do you block or don’t you block these solicitations? It’s up to you.

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