3 Ways How Singles can Host a Super Bowl LIII Party for the Big Game

Super Bowl LIII Party

Have you always wanted to host a Super Bowl party but did not know how? Here are three easy ways that singles can host a Super Bowl LIII party!

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9 Steps to Embrace Valentine’s Day for the Newly Single

woman with roses

Valentine’s Day can be a challenge for the newly single since it is the holiday that has the most pressure to find a date.

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5 Reasons Why Single Women Don’t Need To Date

whey single women don't need to date 2 happy women skatepark

Why do single women feel pressured to date? There are many reasons why single women don’t need to date to have satisfaction in life.

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Single Men, Manhood, and Toxic Masculinity

Toxic Masculinity

Is toxic masculinity a problem? Or, do men need to reclaim manhood and learn how to properly channel masculinity?

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How To Make Anyone Like You In 7 Easy Steps

likable people group shot sunset

If you’re an introvert you probably want to know how to make anyone like you. These tried and true tips let you know how to get friends to like you!

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Are You the Last Single in Your Friends’ Group? Here are 8 Ways to Deal

Last Single in Your Friends' Group

Are you the last single in your friends’ group? Don’t succumb to the pressure to date. You can embrace singlehood and the single life!

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All You Need is Love? Six Types of Love for Singles to Escape the Love Game

All you need is love

All you need is love? You’d think that people would have had enough of silly love songs. Here are six types of love for singles to escape the love game!

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The Dark Side — The Origin Of Valentine’s Day

single woman on valentine's day

The origin of Valentine’s Day doesn’t get much press. What was once a dark and bloody time has turned into Cupids, roses, and candy.

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No Valentine’s Date? How To Handle The Pressure When You’re Single

how to handle the pressure with not valentines date

You don’t have a Valentine’s date this year? Here’s a short and easy guide on how to handle the pressure when you are single.

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19 New Year’s Resolutions for Singles for 2019

New Year's Resolutions

Choose to ignore people who look down on you for being single and make your New Year’s resolution to thrive as a single person!

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