First Mother’s Day As A Single Mom— Start Your Own Crying Club

First Mother's Day As A Single Mom women with daughter

Your first Mother’s Day as a single mom can be more than a challenge.  I know when you’re a single mom, Mother’s Day can give you some mixed feelings.

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On Unconsecrated and Consecrated Celibacy

Unconsecrated and Consecrated Celibacy

There are two different ways singles can choose to live a celibate life which is unconsecrated and consecrated celibacy.

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Love Languages For Singles — And How They Make Life Better

Love Languages For Singles 3 friends hugging

If you’ve ever wondered how the love languages for singles works (if at all)— read on! Every person, even single ones need their love tanks filled.

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Best Friend Problems And Grown-Up Ways To Deal With Them


If you have best friend problems and you want to heal your friendship, you can do it with these steps so you can have your friend back in your life!

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Why You Need Some Hot Booty (If You’re A Sexy Single Woman)

sexy single woman in black lingerie

If you’re a single woman sometimes you still need to get some sexy booty from a hot single guy. Here are 3 magical ways to have an exceptionally good night!

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Great Places To Stay In San Francisco [From Budget To Bougie]

great places to stay in San Francisco for Golden gate bridge

If you want to explore the city with your best girlfriends, we’re going to show you some great places to stay in San Francisco.

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Life As A Single Woman Uber Driver [The Gig Economy Experience]

credit card debt and the gig economy

I’m a freelance writer and Uber driver. I live and breathe the gig economy and it’s helping me decrease the gender pay gap. Let’s do this today!

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Why Women Marry When They Could Be Doing These Things Instead

why women marry pretty bride with groom

Have you ever felt the pressure of getting married? Have you ever wondered why women marry when they would rather be single?

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48 Hour Solo Travel Guide to San Francisco for Singles

48 Hour Solo Travel Guide to San Francisco

Do you only have time for a quick trip this summer? This is a concise 48 hour solo travel guide to San Francisco for singles.

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It’s A Sexual Desert Out There — Why People Are Having Less Sex

People Are Having Less Sex

Do you think the hookup culture is prevalent? People are having less sex today and celibacy is the new cool for lots of people.

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