National Singles Week (Day 6): Society

Society and Brick Wall in the Background

To be single is to be looked down upon in a society obsessed with matrimania. Society and popular culture glorify coupledom and has convinced families, friends, and dating businesses that if someone is single that the single person must be rescued from singledom. Society has built a mythology surrounding dating, couples, and marriage and singles…

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National Singles Week (Day 5): Stereotypes

Stereotype word cloud in the shape of a curvy woman.

Stereotypes are an “unfair and untrue belief that many people have about all people or things with a particular characteristic.” There are many false stereotypes about singles that is perpetuated by society and popular culture about single men and single women. Unmarried and Single Americans should work to change the negative stereotypes of single people…

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National Singles Week (Day 4): Politics

Married Vs Single

America claims to be a nation of and for equality and opportunity for all people. There is a discrepancy regarding equality and opportunity when those who are married receive federal benefits, tax deductions, and other privileges receive that the single and unmarried do not get from the government. Unmarried and single Americans now make up…

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National Singles Week (Day 3): Friendship

A group of people from different backgrounds holding up Friendship.

Love is an important aspect of life. However, society often neglects the love of friendship (philia) by preferring romantic love (eros). Society elevates romantic love with a nationally recognized holiday, Valentine’s Day, but fails to recognize Friendship Day. Friends and community are vital, whether married or single, because “Man is by nature a social animal”…

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National Singles Week (Day 2): Eating Alone

Beautiful young woman alone in a restaurant.

It is often thought that if someone goes out to eat or goes out for a drink that they should go with friends, a best friend, or a date. That is not the case. Eating alone is on the rise in the United States. Singles should not be afraid to go check out a new…

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National Singles Week (Day 1): Demographics

Single? Yes. No. Unmarried?

This year’s Unmarried and Singles Week is from September 18 to 24 in the United States. This little known week should get more attention because the unmarried and singles of the United States now range from 45% to 50.2% of the population, depending on the ages included in and how the study is done. Being…

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10 Reasons Why Being Single in College is the Best!

Blonde college student holding books with friends.

Graduating from high school and going to college for the first time can be both a scary and an exciting time in life. You are going to school on your own. You are responsible for your own schedule; to study or not to study. You make new friends. College is an excellent time for you…

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Why Being Single in College is the Best

Student life in college

The school year is about to begin and college supplies, furniture, and deals are at all the stores at students prepare for the fall semester as a Freshman or a Senior. College can both an exciting time and a lonely time, but it is ultimately up to each student to determine which of those two…

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Speed Dating: Modern Romantic Competitive Sport

Speed dating is the ultimate competitive sport.

I recently attended a speed dating event this last weekend to attend a speed dating event to experience a way to people to meet potential dates.  For those who do not know what speed dating is or how it works; Merriam Webster defines it as “an event at which each participant converses individually with all the…

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Love is Useless

Social media dislike symbo

Romance is heralded by poets, musicians, and in film and television as truly heavenly because you are able to spend the rest of your life with the one person whom you love. The problem with how love is portrayed in media and society is that is depicted as each person saving the other. It is…

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