People are staying single longer today. Single women are remaining single longer compared to past generations. Single men are being bachelors for a greater period of time compared to their fathers and grandfathers generations. Being a bachelor and bachelorhood are often presented as being a bad time of life and a negative state for single men. That is not the case. Single men should enjoy their time being a bachelor while they have it instead of pursuing relationship after relationship. Bachelorhood is an important time in the life of single men.

Why Single Men Should Enjoy Their Bachelorhood



People and society look down on bachelors and the bachelorhood of single men as an unimportant time in the life of men. Bachelorhood is presented as a time where single men need to work to fix themselves to attract a woman to marry, then have two-and-half kids and a white picket fence. They need to learn how to take care of themselves, get a good job, and finally attract a woman once they have gotten their life together. Society and people question the sexuality of single men because they are bachelors and are not dating anyone. Stigmas that society attaches to single bachelors is that they are lazy, are selfish, are immature, or are gay when neither of those options may be true about a bachelor. It is simply single shaming. Bachelorhood is an important time in the life of single men and it is becoming more common with the increase of divorce and people staying single longer.


Single men should not listen to the messages from society and people that say that you are a failure for being a bachelor or that question your sexuality because you are single. Single men can thrive as a bachelor and enjoy their bachelorhood to the fullest! Bachelors can use their time being single as a time of self-reflection, as a time to invest and diversify personal finances, as a time to explore the world, and as a time to save money to buy a house or condo. Bachelorhood offers bachelors with the freedom to go and to do as they please without the pressure of a relationship. Bachelors can use the freedom and flexibility of bachelorhood as they will it. They can hook up on a regular basis or remain celibate. There are many ways to successfully be a bachelor. Single men are not obligated to live bachelorhood one way. Single men need to not view bachelorhood as being a burden, but rather as a time to take advantage of all that life offers and be a happy bachelor.


Bachelorhood is a vital time of life. Everyone is born single. All men are single some time, whether by circumstance or by choice. Single men need to disassociate the negative stereotypes that society has attached to bachelorhood and choose to thrive as a bachelor. There is no reason for a bachelor to find someone to date when there is much more to life than romantic relationships. Enjoy life to the fullest and savor your time being a bachelor men.


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