The single life is worth living because there are many joys of being single.

The single life is meant to be a life of joy. You can live the life you desire on your own terms. You can do this by living out the values of the single life. There are many joys of being single today which range from focusing on career development to solo travel and much more!

On the Joys Of Being Single

4 Simple Joys of Being Single

Career Development

As a single, you are able to focus on your career and career development. This will help you to move up and ahead in your field. This may require networking with the right people and passing the right exams to get the higher position job title. But your hard work and time spent studying for exams will be returned with a higher paycheck and more respect in your field from your peers. One of the joys of being single is it gives you the time to focus on your career to do what you need to become a master in your field.

Solo Travel

Solo travel is becoming more common today too as a result of the rise of single people. You can use the independence of the single life to learn, explore, and visit countries around the world to learn about other cultures. One of the joys of being single today is that you have the freedom to travel solo around the world. If there is somewhere that you have always wanted to visit, but your family and friends don’t want to visit that country, go there yourself on your own terms.

Personal Health

Studies have found that singles are healthier than couples. Enjoy being single and the healthy lifestyle that the single life provides you as a single. You are in charge of your own diet and exercise regimen. You are responsible for how you want to eat, exercise, and diet. Singles may want to live healthier compared to couples to prepare for their next date, be personally fit, or just because singles are more health conscious. For various reasons, singles are healthier compared to couples so health is yet another of the joys of being single and singles have the research to back this up.


One of the essential single life values is freedom. You are able to live as you please without being constrained by a partner. Singles and those who are unmarried do not have a partner to limit their decisions and actions, they can pursue their own goals and passions. Singles can do what they want. Singles can go where they want. Singles can do as they please. Singles are able to do want and as they please because of the values of the single life. Singles should embrace the values of the single life.


This is an incomplete list since there are many joys of being single. Singles can travel. Singles can focus on their health. Singles develop skills. Singles can focus on work and careers. Singles can make the most of the freedom that the single life offers to those who are unmarried. Being single is a positive time of life and an opportunity for singles to thrive as a single person!

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