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New Year’s. The holiday made for couples where you must find someone to get a midnight kiss and then pop a bottle of champagne to bring in the New Year. There is no reason why singles should not participate in New Year’s because of their singlehood. In fact, this is a chance to turn the holiday upside down and to work to change what is believed about how to celebrate the holiday. Singles should celebrate the holiday with friends, find an event, or bring in the New Year alone.

How Singles Can Bring In The New Year Alone

New Year Alone Fireworks

The first way that singles can celebrate New Year’s is with friends. Celebrate it at a friend’s house or find a fun place to bring in New Year’s in your city. At a friend’s house you can interact with other friends, meet new people, and make new friends. The other option is to find a New Year’s party event where you live to bring in the New Year. These events will range in price, depending on where the event is located and what New Year’s package you opt for. In either option, you can celebrate it with friends.


However, since it is the holidays, your friends may be busy with family and travelling for the holidays. Don’t be afraid to celebrate New Year’s alone. Search online or on social media to find somewhere that appeals to you that is hosting a holiday party. It could be somewhere as simple as your favorite bar or restaurant to checking out the place in your city that annually throws the big New Year’s party bash. Some New Year’s events will include a free drink, or couple of drink, to a VIP bar depending on the event. Other places will stay open later and have a tamer New Year’s party compared to the major places in your city. Consider looking some places up and decide if you want to get tickets to a New Year’s party this year.


The final option is to be chill about the New Year and stay at home. This is a perfectly acceptable option too. There is no need to bring in the New Year with a big extravagant party or to get together with friends, if you’re not invited to a party. Solitude is healthy. It is good to spend time alone. Enjoy the day and don’t feel pressured to do anything that you don’t want to do on New Year’s. Relax. Read or watch a movie. Get some work done. It’s up to you because you have the freedom to decide how your day goes on New Year’s. Another year is gone. A new one has come. Life continues. The New Year is a reminder that life is temporary. Celebrate life. Contemplate the shortness of life.


While New Year’s is a couples’ holiday that does not mean that you are unable to celebrate it because you are single. On the contrary, make those couples envy your singlehood this New Year’s. You are not tied down to go to a New Year’s party that a significant other is forcing you to attend. Celebrate bringing in the New Year alone and happy!


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