Single Men: Reasons to Start to Use Physical Touch

Single Men Fist Pump

Men are not receiving enough physical touch in their lives. This has left men unsure of when physical touch is appropriate in a platonic friendship environment. For single men, physical touch is especially important because it has been found to include health benefits. There are many reasons why men are afraid to touch each other,…

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What You Should Know Before Filing Your Taxes: A Singles Guide

Benjamin Franklin Money Eyes

What You Should Know Before Filing Your Taxes: A Singles Guide The tax deadline for Americans is slowly creeping up this April 18th of 2017. Have you ever wondered how you can file your taxes to receive benefits as a single person and as the head of your household? Have you also thought about what…

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Single People and Sex: Here’s What You Need To Know

Woman holding condom near bed

Single People Sex: Here’s What You Need To Know Safe Sex  There used to be a lot of stigma about having sex outside of marriage, or at least having sex outside of a committed relationship. Fast forward to today, the majority of our traditional values are thrown out the window. Why do we have so…

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Surprising Benefits of How Being Single Can Improve Your Life

Single Woman With Black Hair in Nature

Surprising Benefits of How Being Single Can Improve Your Life It has been said that being single as an adult can be quite a stigma. How do you combat a statement that the majority of the population notes? The answer is simple: find data and statements that back up why being single can actually be…

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Three Ways to End A Friendship: Fade to Black or Get Creative

End of a Broken Friendhship

Couples who are dating and decide to break up are not the only people who have to make the decision to end a relationship. For singles; being a good friend, having friends, and having an active social circle is important since humans are intrinsically social creatures and should limit how much they are alone. Social…

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Why Millennials Should Be Single In Their 20s

Young Single Woman With Glasses at Cafe

Why Millennials Should Be Single In Their 20’s   Why Millennials Should Be Single In Their 20’s: An advantage to Getting Ahead Financially There is an overwhelming amount of data suggesting that the majority of millennials in the United States today have massive amounts of student loan debt. According to a study conducted by Experian, between 2008…

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Loneliness: Four Ways a Lack of Social Connection Can Kill You

Woman Alone Ocean

Loneliness is often confused with being alone; however, the former has been found to be a cause of death among higher isolated individuals. In the 21st Century with the advent of social media there is a misconception that the more “Friends” we have the better and healthier we are. The opposite is true. It is…

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Seven Basic Ways to Save Money: Incrementally Increase Your Net Worth

Single and Cash in Wallet

It is wise to save and invest money while you are single and have less expenses that a significant other and additional costs that a family can add. Decide to incrementally increase your net worth and the money in your saving and investment accounts while you are single to prepare to planned and unplanned future…

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Seven Signs Your Friendship is Ending: Start of Silence

Seven Signs that a Friendship is Ending

In an earlier article I explained Five Ways to be a Great Friend; however, following the Dubar Principle, you can only have five best friends and up to fifty good friends following this social principle. Anyone beyond those fifty good friends becomes varying degrees of acquaintance.  Friendship is fluid and for this reason your social…

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Financial Planning for Singles: Five Steps to Increase Your Net Worth

Five Ways to Increase Your Net Worth as a Single

Learning the basics of money and the best practices for anyone, but especially for singles. This is because singles face a tax penalty for being single that society has rationalized as acceptable. There are a few basic questions that you should consider as you start to budget, save, and invest your hard-earned money. These different…

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