Danielle Introduction

Danielle has chosen to be single in this walk of her life. She experienced dating in her late teens and early twenties, and had always felt each relationship was unfulfilling. To find more meaning in her life, she broke off to go down a path of self discovery. True happiness is found from within, and…

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Single During the Holidays

Single During the Holidays The holiday season is coming quickly upon us. Thanksgiving is next week. Christmas and Hanukkah are in December. And then New Year’s is on January 1, 2017. Holidays are the time of year where people in college or who are in different places across the country usually go back home to…

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The Art of Being Single

Art of Being Single

The Art of Being Single A common question I have been asked, is if I am single or taken. Before I begin, I would like to set some parameters about myself as an emerging business leader in the Colorado community: +I am single. +I choose to be single. +I like the freedom of being single….

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Single on Halloween


Halloween is a fun holiday where people dress up and take to the night for frights and thrills. The modern rendition of Halloween is based off the All Hallows’ Eve that was celebrated 2,000 years ago. Halloween is a holiday that can be celebrated alone. Singles should not be afraid to go out and celebrate…

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World Health Organization Defines Single as a Disability

Overcoming a disability.

The World Health Organization recently released a new proposed broader definition of “infertility.” This revised definition includes being single as a disability because of the lack to find a sexual partner. While the intention by the World Health Organization may be good by wanting to provide in vitro fertilization to everyone, this is not the…

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National Singles Week (Day 7): Respect

Chinese Calligraphy Symbol for Respect.

Society proclaims to support equality and teaches that everyone should be treated with respect. However, popular culture only advocates and encourages respect in areas that are the foundation of its own social constructs. These social constructs typically are connected to coupling and marriage in America. Singles do not fit into this construct and in order…

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National Singles Week (Day 6): Society

Society and Brick Wall in the Background

To be single is to be looked down upon in a society obsessed with matrimania. Society and popular culture glorify coupledom and has convinced families, friends, and dating businesses that if someone is single that the single person must be rescued from singledom. Society has built a mythology surrounding dating, couples, and marriage and singles…

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National Singles Week (Day 5): Stereotypes

National Singles Week

Stereotypes are an “unfair and untrue belief that many people have about all people or things with a particular characteristic.” There are many false stereotypes about singles that is perpetuated by society and popular culture about single men and single women. Unmarried and Single Americans should work to change the negative stereotypes of single people…

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National Singles Week (Day 4): Politics

Married Vs Single

America claims to be a nation of and for equality and opportunity for all people. There is a discrepancy regarding equality and opportunity when those who are married receive federal benefits, tax deductions, and other privileges receive that the single and unmarried do not get from the government. Unmarried and single Americans now make up…

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National Singles Week (Day 3): Friendship

A group of people from different backgrounds holding up Friendship.

Love is an important aspect of life. However, society often neglects the love of friendship (philia) by preferring romantic love (eros). Society elevates romantic love with a nationally recognized holiday, Valentine’s Day, but fails to recognize Friendship Day. Friends and community are vital, whether married or single, because “Man is by nature a social animal”…

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