Loneliness: Four Ways a Lack of Social Connection Can Kill You

Woman Alone Ocean

Loneliness is often confused with being alone; however, the former has been found to be a cause of death among higher isolated individuals. In the 21st Century with the advent of social media there is a misconception that the more “Friends” we have the better and healthier we are. The opposite is true. It is…

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Seven Basic Ways to Save Money: Incrementally Increase Your Net Worth

Single and Cash in Wallet

It is wise to save and invest money while you are single and have less expenses that a significant other and additional costs that a family can add. Decide to incrementally increase your net worth and the money in your saving and investment accounts while you are single to prepare to planned and unplanned future…

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Seven Signs Your Friendship is Ending: Start of Silence

Seven Signs that a Friendship is Ending

In an earlier article I explained Five Ways to be a Great Friend; however, following the Dubar Principle, you can only have five best friends and up to fifty good friends following this social principle. Anyone beyond those fifty good friends becomes varying degrees of acquaintance.  Friendship is fluid and for this reason your social…

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Financial Planning for Singles: Five Steps to Increase Your Net Worth

Five Ways to Increase Your Net Worth as a Single

Learning the basics of money and the best practices for anyone, but especially for singles. This is because singles face a tax penalty for being single that society has rationalized as acceptable. There are a few basic questions that you should consider as you start to budget, save, and invest your hard-earned money. These different…

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Let’s Talk About the Single Person’s Tax Penalty

Single Person's Tax Penalty

It is not acknowledged by policy writers and society that there is a single person’s tax for not being married. Married couples receive a number of benefits for being legally married in the eyes of the government, in fact these married couples receive more than one thousand benefits from laws across the levels of government….

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Single and Asexual: Not Dreaming All Day About Sex

Ace of Spades, Single and Asexual

There are many different types of singles. Some single may want to get married one day. Some singles are single by choice and will remain single for the rest of their lives. There are singles who have sex regularly and are sexually attracted to men and/or women. However, there is a percent of the population…

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Single At Church: The Bible, Church, and Small Group

Church Doors and the Single Life

It can be difficult to be single in the Christian bubble. For a long time, both in Protestant and Orthodox religious spheres, single Christians have heard the message from the pulpit that finding a husband or wife to love is what any true God fearing Christian should aim to have in life. However, some Protestant…

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5 Ways to Spring into the Single Life

Spring Flowers Single Growth

Spring is a time of rebirth. Plants begin to sprout and birth new life as the season begins from what were once dead shrubs. Being single can also be a start of a new beginning. A relationship may have just ended and you are now on break. The single life is a time to grow…

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5 Situations Why Being Single Is Liberating

Women Embracing Freedom

5 Situations Why Being Single Is Liberating People often have the perception that the grass appears to be greener on the other side of the fence. The truth is all about how one views their current circumstances. Single people versus those in a relationship often desire to be in each others’ place. Contrary to what…

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Single Again: Three Ways to Move on After a Divorce

Broken Vows, Broken Marriage, Divorced and Single Again

Divorce is a difficult experience to go through; but if you are recently divorced, you are not alone. The divorce rate in the United States, and other developed countries, is around 50% with people in their early twenties having the highest rate of divorce. Divorce is more common than people may realize in a society…

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