Valentine's Day Single

The couples holiday Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching on February 14th. While the modern rendition of the holiday is made for couples, there are ways that singles can enjoy Valentine’s Day single too. You can celebrate Valentine’s Day single. This is a guide for how to enjoy Valentine’s Day single for singles who celebrate the holiday. Here are fourteen things singles can do this Valentine’s Day single.


14 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day Single

Valentine's Day Single

Celebrate Yourself

Being single is often viewed as a time of life that is not beneficial to you or to anyone else while dating and marriage are made into a portrait of what the correct life is supposed to look like by society. That is a false image. Being single is awesome! Celebrate yourself, who you are, and do the things that you love. No one will ever know you like yourself so celebrate you this Valentine’s Day!


Make It Friendsalentine Day


Modern Valentine’s Day only celebrates romantic love. There are other types of love as well. This Valentine’s Day get together with your best friend and commemorate your friendship! Have a Friendsalentine! Make your Valentine’s Day single a chance to get to know your friend better.


Contemplate The Different Types of Love


There are many different types of love, but the English language is imprecise which makes it difficult to differentiate between different types of love. That was not the case with classical philosophy which has observed and contemplated three types of love: eros, philia, and agape. This Valentine’s Day, critically analyze the nature of love or go to your favorite library and read Plato or another famous classical philosopher. While you are reading classical philosophy, brush up on the origin story of soulmates and true love because people and society are infatuated by that myth.


Make It Your Day


Valentine’s Day is a day that has been made into a day for couples to check off for a required date. This Valentine’s Day make it your day! You do you. Do anything that you want to do because you are a unique person that adds to this world.


Not Having To Spend Money On An Obligatory Date Night


Be happy that you are not in a relationship that forces you to waste money on an obligatory date, low quality chocolate, and expensive roses. That is money that you have saved today just for being single. It is up to you how you want to save or spend that money that would go towards a Valentine’s Date today, if you had one.


Bubble Bath And Glass of Wine

A classic option for singles to do on Valentine’s Day. Use your time in the bubble bath savoring your glass of wine thinking about why you enjoy being single instead of that you are missing out on the holiday by not having a date.



Make A List Of All the Reasons Why You Enjoy Being Single


Instead of moping around your apartment or house while your roommate or your friend has an obligatory Valentine’s date, make a list of all the reasons why you enjoy being single. The single life is a time to thrive as a person instead of trying to always find someone to date and to marry. Singles are healthier than couples and these are five facts that can start your list.


Make A Dinner Reservation For One


Do you want to stand out on Valentine’s Day? Do you want to be that person that people ask, what is that person doing here? Celebrate yourself by dining out at a restaurant that you have been wanting to try. Restaurants often have prix fixe meals on Valentine’s Day. It’s a great way to try more than one dish at a restaurant while saving some money. As for those couples looking at you perplexed, enjoy yourself and know that you are free and are not part of society’s couples wall. Have a Valentine’s Day single dinner for one this year!


Cocktail For One


Find a bar or cocktail lounge that makes cocktails and cheer to the single life!



Spoil Yourself


Couples are spoiling their lovers, significant others, partners, or spouses with cheap chocolate and roses. Why can’t you spoil yourself? Buy a nice box of chocolate, a bottle of wine (or drink of choice, and anything else that you want to spoil you. Make this Valentine’s Day a Me Day.




As you observe couples on Valentine’s Day, while they may be happy being together they are celebrating on Valentine’s Day having a ball and chain that limits the choices that they can make and the opportunities that they can take. A romantic relationships takes away the freedom of the single life. Acknowledge the freedom and the other values that come with the single life this Valentine’s Day single.


Do Something that You Have Never Done Before


Make Valentine’s Day a day of adventure. Try something new! Go to a new restaurant. Explore your city. Use the freedom of the single life to do something exciting that you could not do this holiday if you had to go on a cheesy date on Valentine’s Day. Have a Valentine’s Day single day that is unique and different from what all the couples will be doing on the holiday.


Educate Yourself About the History of Valentine’s Day


Modern Valentine’s Day has become synonymous with dinner reservations, cheap chocolate, expensive roses, and hoping to get lucky with a date on the holiday. It was not always like this. It was historically a fertility holiday where men would sacrifice an animal, then use the skin of the animal to hit women because it was believed that by doing this it would make women fertile. A Roman emperor later outlawed marriage and Saint Valentine illegally performed marriages until he was martyred. Brush up on the real history behind Valentine’s Day instead and question why the masses are celebrating the holiday.



There are fourteen ways that you can celebrate Valentine’s Day single in 2018. Don’t let couples get you down about being single, instead make couples jealous of you being single this Valentine’s Day. You have freedom and you don’t have to waste money on a bad date and dinner this year. Love yourself. Love being single. Love the single life this Valentine’s Day!


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