National Singles Week (Day 7): Respect

Chinese Calligraphy Symbol for Respect.

Society proclaims to support equality and teaches that everyone should be treated with respect. However, popular culture only advocates and encourages respect in areas that are the foundation of its own social constructs. These social constructs typically are connected to coupling and marriage in America. Singles do not fit into this construct and in order…

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National Singles Week (Day 6): Society

Society and Brick Wall in the Background

To be single is to be looked down upon in a society obsessed with matrimania. Society and popular culture glorify coupledom and has convinced families, friends, and dating businesses that if someone is single that the single person must be rescued from singledom. Society has built a mythology surrounding dating, couples, and marriage and singles…

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National Singles Week (Day 5): Stereotypes

National Singles Week

Stereotypes are an “unfair and untrue belief that many people have about all people or things with a particular characteristic.” There are many false stereotypes about singles that is perpetuated by society and popular culture about single men and single women. Unmarried and Single Americans should work to change the negative stereotypes of single people…

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Single people in the state of singlehood may be seeking to enter a relationship or they are undecided about their permanent identity.

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