Whoopi Goldberg on The View summarized a recent survey that found 61% of women prefer being single than to be in a relationship. The same survey found that only 49% of men prefer to be single.

The View hosts speculated that the reason why women prefer being single is because they are generally better able to take care of themselves and their living area while men generally learn those skills later in life. While it may be true that men may have more difficulty in learning to how clean and to care of their living space, it is a skill that can be learned by single men. Singles, both men and women, should know how to do basic household chores and how to shop for one person so they have the freedom of the single life.

“As it turns out, I am not normal and that is something that I have come to accept.” – Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg is correct. There is nothing wrong with being single, but society pressures singles to get married to feel normal and to be accepted by society. However, being single is becoming the new normal as people continue to delay marriage or decide that they do not want to get married. The single life is a good fulfilling life.
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