Women on college campuses make it a goal to get a ring before Spring. This is especially true at Christian universities. The ring before spring is a tradition of getting engaged before spring starts. The goal is to get a ring before spring of the senior year of college. The aim is to find husband, get a ring, and to attain the MRS degree. This spring practice on college campuses everywhere is outdated. Singles should enjoy their time being single while in college instead of seeking to put a ring on it.


Ring Before Spring Is A College Problem

Ring Before Spring


The problem with the ring before Spring is that it makes marriage the pinnacle thing that needs to be achieved in life. In short, the practice of ring before spring on college campuses falls for the same fallacy that society and the church idolize marriage. There are things that singles need to experience in life before deciding that they want to date and marry. However, getting a ring before spring makes being single a negative state while marriage is the right state. The goal for students becomes to date, get engaged, and to marry someone by the end of senior year instead of primarily focusing on their studies. The tradition takes away from students’ academic life and the single life by making students believe they must get hitched by graduation. A ring before spring takes away the purpose of college.


Ring Before Spring


College is meant to be a time for students to learn about the world, explore the world, and question a range of things to find the truth about the world. Campuses that practice ring before Spring refocus from academic goals to making romantic relationships and marriage the paramount goals when marriage holds women back from achieving greater life goals. Instead of learning all that they can about the world in different academic subjects, students want to put a ring on it. Instead of exploring the world and the city where the college is located in to make the most of their college experience, students want to find someone to marry by graduation. Instead of learning to think critically and to question the world, students seek normality by dating to find someone to marry in college. Dating and marriage should be the last things on students’ minds in college when they are paying for an expensive education that will be primary factor when they look for a job after graduation. The ring before spring tradition hurts college education while neglecting the single life.


Ring Before Spring


Being single in college is one of the best times in life. After students have completed their homework they are able to make the most of their free time by hanging out with friends, exploring career opportunities, hooking up, and finding cool places off campus in the city. College students can embrace the freedom and flexibility of the single life by learning to be independent. College students can embrace the flexibility of the single life by making the most of their time inside and outside of school to do things that they want while developing to become the best version of themselves. Students need to embrace the single life and view being single positively instead of seeking a ring before spring.


Ring Before Spring


College is an important time in peoples live and in forming them into the person that they will become so students should focus on school instead of wanting to get ring by graduation. There is more to life than a ring. There is more to life than marriage. College should be a time where students learn this instead of pushing on students the belief that they need to get married for their life to have value. This spring students on college campuses everywhere should say no to getting a ring before Spring and enjoy classes, time with their friends, and making the most of their college life.


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