Singles get into risky romantic relationships too often for the wrong reasons. Singles get into risky romantic relationships merely to not be lonely without realizing that relationships can be lonely too. Singles get into relationships to distract themselves from being single and to fit into the norms that society wants people to fit into with relationships. Risky romantic relationships are not the answer in life for singles. Singles should seek personal happiness and learn self-love instead of tying self-worth to risky romantic relationships.

Singles And Risky Romantic Relationships

Society equates romantic relationships with personal happiness. Dating and romance are a cause of stress, hurt, and emotional scars to singles who have experienced bad relationships. Romantic relationships can be risky because you make yourself vulnerable to the romantic interest. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to date, being in a relationship, or marriage, romantic relationships are placed on a pedestal. Society sends the message to singles that your value as a person comes from being in a relationship with someone when nothing could be further from the truth. Your value as a person does not come from dating, living with a partner, or from marriage. Your dignity as a person, single or not, is innate to you. Focus on developing yourself while single instead of getting lost by the distraction of a risky romantic relationship.

Romantic relationships are distractions. There are more important milestones in life than dating and marriage. Singles need to refocus from always pursuing being in a relationship to learning to enjoy being alone, personal development, and finding personal happiness. It is healthy to be alone so there is no reason to be a serial dater. It is important for singles to have life goals and to work to achieve those goals whether it may be improving your personal health to starting your own business. It is most important to learn to be happy with yourself and to seek what makes you happy in life. Your life has value without a partner and dating does not add to your natural self-worth as a person. Focus on yourself singles and learn to love you!

Romantic love is idolized and fetishized by society while self-love is placed lower by culture. Self-love is the key to learning to be at peace with yourself. Self-love means personal happiness because you have to lover yourself first before you can let others into your life as a friend or a significant other. Singles should strive for self-love and personal happiness instead of seeking to find it in risky romantic relationships. Once you are able to fully love yourself and to be happy with who you are, then you can truly begin to live as a single.


You can fully enjoy life once you begin to love yourself for who you are a unique person. There is nothing wrong with being single. Being single is a time of self-discovery and an opportunity to live life to the fullest without the distractions of a significant other. Singles should pursue self-love and personal happiness instead of chasing each risky romantic relationship after another. Choose to thrive as a single person today instead being distracted by a romantic relationship.

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